Puscas: Romanian politicians neglected Romania’s commitments in relation with EU

Former Romania’s Chief negotiator with the European Union (EU) social democrat Vasile Puscas said that, five years since the finalization of the accession negotiations, the Romanian politicians omitted on purpose the commitments agreed with the EU, as well as the Accession treaty provisions.

„Romanian political players of the pre and post EU accession period were fully aware when omitting the commitments agreed with the EU during accession negotiations, as well as the provisions of Romania’s Accession treaty to the EU.
They hasted to the stage when the Treaty was signed, sealing Romania’s accession to the EU, but rather they had in mind the provisions of the Treaty of 1947, which sealed the entrance into an era we do not remember with pleasure”, stated on Tuesday Vasile Puscas during the debate „Five years since the finalization of accession negotiations with the EU”.

Vasile Puscas also assessed there is a divide in the Romanian society of the past five years due to the „mercantile behavior of the Romanian political class”.
The former Romania’s Chief negotiator considers that the Romanian state institutions must be connected to Romanian and European reality and the „traditional Romanians’ hope in a foreign interference for the modernization of society” must be replaced by the mobilization towards the forging of responsible Romanian institutions and society mobilization for the implementation of Romania’s modernization.

InfoeuropaCenter, the Department for European Affairs, in cooperation with the Information Bureau of the European Parliament in Romania, have organized on Tuesday, in Bucharest, the debate „Five years since the finalization of accession negotiations to the EU”, attended by former members of the National delegation to negotiations for the EU accession.

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