Ratification of Nabucco proiect agreement, in Gov’t meeting

The interim Government is to ratify in its Wednesday meeting the Agreement between the Republic of Austria, the Republic of Bulgaria, the Republic of Hungary, Romania and the Republic of Turkey on Nabucco Project, signed in Ankara, on July 13, 2009.

The meeting’s agenda also includes the approval of the list containing three investment objectives and of the technical economic indicators for the project „Integrated system of rehabilitation of water supply and sewage, of the fresh water treatment stations and of the waste water treatment stations in localities with a population of up to 50,000 inhabitants”, as well as the establishment of the legal regime for some housing units destined to youth, for rent, built through investment programmes nationwide and now in the administration of the local councils.

The Executive will also approve the list of professional qualifications for which the pre- university education is secured, as well as the school duration, and the extension till March 31, 2010 of the application of the provisions of the Government’s Decision on the approval of the Framework contract on the conditions for medical assistance granting within the health social insurance system in 2009.

Boc Cabinet members are to also adopt the Scheme of small grants for the implementation of micro-projects, set to improve living conditions, especially for the disadvantaged groups in the mining localities.

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