Vaccination campaign to include all people in risk categories

The National Flu Committee decided that the next step for immediately limiting the spreading of the pandemic virus A/H1N1 was the vaccination of all persons suffering from chronic diseases, but also of the persons working with the companies that come into direct contact with the public, informs the Ministry of Health (MS) in a press release sent on Wednesday.

Starting next week, in the surgeries of family doctors, they will begin vaccinating people over 16 suffering from chronic diseases, namely people with lung conditions, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, cirrhosis, chronic liver complaints, HIV, but also people suffering from obesity. Depending on possibilities, patients suffering from chronic diseases will also be vaccinated in specific treatment units.

Upon request, big companies whose employees permanently come into direct contact with large masses of people will be able to request MS to have their staff vaccinated. „The vaccine produced in Romania observes all international manufacturing standards, the protocols according to which clinical studies are made being identical with the ones of the other producers.

The Romanian product does not contain any adjuvant. In point of the manufacturing procedure, the pandemic vaccine is similar to the one against seasonal flu. Consequently, the adverse side effects that may appear are the same as the ones appearing with the seasonal vaccine: local redness, slight fever and minor discomfort in the case of sensitive persons,” reads the MS release. So far 1,340,000 doses of pandemic vaccine have been distributed and more than 25,000 persons have been vaccinated.


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