Basescu, Filat meeting in Bonn

Romania’s President Traian Basescu had on Thursday a meeting with the Premier of the Republic of Moldova, Vlad Filat, also attending the European People’s Party Congress, organized in Bonn.

The two officials approached during the meeting aspects related to the implementation of agreements they reached on the occasion of the visit paid by the Republic of Moldova Premier to Bucharest, in the period Nov. 13 through 14.

Then it was convened to accelerate the implementation of the Agreement on the small cross-border traffic and other issues, as the opening of Romania’s consulates in Cahul and Balti and of the Republic of Moldova’s in Iasi (Romania’s east), the opening as soon as possible of Radauti-Lipcani bridge, Chis inau Government Press office announced. Filat thanked Romania for its decision to grant emergency humanitarian aid to the Republic of Moldova, to prevent the spreading of the flu pandemic virus.

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