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MAE celebrates 130th anniversary of Romanian-Italian diplomatic ties

Romania’s Foreign Ministry (MAE) and the Embassy of Italy in Bucharest on Thursday celebrated the 130th anniversary of Romanian-Italian diplomatic ties.
Part of the celebrations was the public preview at the MAE headquarters in Bucharest of 25 original documents and copies of documents from the MAE Archives highlighting the most important developments in the history of Romanian-Italian bilateral ties.

MAE state secretary Bogdan Mazuru talked about the excellent political and economic cooperation between Italy and Romania, saying that EU membership and shared international visions have been the basis for a deep friendship between the two countries.

‘Italy and Romania have shared visions of economic and agricultural integration as well as in the energy area. At the same time, both countries want the role of the European Union to increase worldwide, particularly now that the Lisbon Treaty, which provides for more closeness among all the EU member states, has been approved,’ said Mazuru, adding that he is impressed by the close ties between Romania and Italy and by the high number of weekly flights from Romania to Italy.
‘There are 375 flights a week in both senses between Romanian and Italian cities.

I find this an extraordinary thing, because it underscores the closeness between the two peoples,’ said Mazuru. Italy’s ambassador in Bucharest Mario Caspito said Italy has supported all of Romania’s European and international projects. He pointed out that the 130th anniversary of Italian-Romanian diplomatic ties coincides with the 20th anniversary of the 1989 December Revolution in Romania.

‘It is 20 years this year since the birth of democracy in Romania. In my opinion, these 20 years marked the golden age of the bilateral Italian-Romanian relations. Italy has politically supported Romania’s aspirations to NATO and EU memberships. There is a strong partnership between the two countries that obliges us to walk the same path in the European area because we have the same interests in the Balkans and the Black Sea area,’ said Caspito.

He added that in economic terms, Italy is the third largest foreign investor in Romania, also highlighting the role of the Romanian community of Italy, saying that 12 percent of Turin, Italy’s third largest city, is made up of Romanians. In concluding his speech, Caspito dedicated the 130th anniversary of the diplomatic ties between Italy and Romania to the Romanian and Italian troops who fought together and lost their life on missions in Bosnia, Kosovo, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Attending the celebrations at the MAE were also members of the diplomatic corps accredited in Bucharest, Italian business people operating in Romania, officials of the Italian community of Romania as well as academics.


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