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More than 220 million euros at disposal of SMEs till end of 2010

The SMEs in Romania will be able to benefit by 220 million euros till the end of 2010 through a temporary state aid plan meant to support the companies affected by the economic and financial crisis, according to a release of the European People’s Group.

With European support a 220 million euro budget will be placed at the disposal of micro-enterprises, SMEs and big enterprises through a temporary state aid plan meant to support the companies affected by the economic and financial crisis till the end of 2010.
The state aid can be granted under the form of nonrepayable sums of money, loans under preferential conditions, interest subsidies, guarantees and rescheduling of the debts public authorities have or take over for them to be recouped without any interest for the entire period of rescheduling.

Being appointed rapporteur of the European Parliament for achieving territorial, social and economic cohesion in the European Union, an essential condition for a sustainable development and global competitiveness, Petru Luhan of the Democratic Liberal Party/the European People’s Party thinks that, after 2013 too, sustained efforts are needed all over Europe meant to diminish the development differences among regions.

If in point of investments in infrastructure, the quality of the environment and social aspects, details are to be debated and presented as part of the report, in point of competitiveness Petru Luhan says that the central role in the development of the European economy, in general, and of the Romanian one, especially, must be played by the medium-sized enterprises. They are the nucleuses that can develop under the difficult circumstances of the economic and financial crisis.


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