PNL not willing to make compromises with those seeking to establish a dictatorial regime

The National Executive Council of the National Liberal Party (PNL) has adopted on Wednesday a political declaration stating that the liberals are not willing to make any compromise with the “leaders and political forces seeking to establish a dictatorial regime in Romania”.

“The National Liberal Party is not willing to make any compromise with the leaders and political forces attempting to set up a dictatorial regime in Romania, who handle the state institutions as their own estates and who attempt to kneel initiative and the actions of the free citizens of this country”, says the quoted document, adopted according to PNL prime vice president Ludovic Orban by a comfortable majority of votes and six abstentions.

As well, the declaration also pointed out that PNL rejects the possibility to be part in “President Traian Basescu’s puppet government” and mandates the party leader Crin Antonescu to head talks with all the political forces and with all representative structures of the civil society in order to outline the best solutions for Romania’s good governance.

PNL thanked Romanians who voted for the “good sense revolution” and for pulling Romania out of the “political, economic, moral and institutional crisis, in which it was thrown by the dictatorship installed by Traian Basescu”.
At the same time, PNL looks confidently forward to Romania’s Constitutional Court decision, which was “urged as a first to make a pronouncement on the serious frauds committed in the presidential elections runoff by the poll organizers”.

The liberals underlined they remain consistent in their political actions of democracy consolidation, of observance of citizens’ rights and freedoms, of backing some programmes of economic development, set to lead to the strengthening of the middle class and to raise Romanians’ standard of living to the average European one.


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