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Puscas (PSD): Romania should come up with proposals at the winter European summit

Romania’s former chief negotiator with the European Union Vasile Puscas of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) believes the works of the European Council summit on Thursday and Friday in Brussels are very important both to the European Union and to Romania, which should come up with a series of proposals.

‘The ongoing European Council of December 10-11 is highly important because the coming into force of the Lisbon Treaty will be discussed in institutional terms and in terms of how some of the institutions will function,’ Puscas told Thursday.
Puscas says he expects the European leaders to present their position on the ongoing economic crisis that will reflect the entire European Union, not just separate countries, all the more so as there are now two new institutions in place, the EU Presidency and the High Representative for external policy.

As for Romania, Puscas said that he hopes Romania’s stance will not be of a ‘snowdrop spectator,’ but it will come up with arguments to prevent the gaps within the EU from further widening.
‘Take sustainable growth for instance. I believe Romania should come up with proposals, projects and arguments that peripheral is only geographical in nature and not sociological or less so economic or political. Discussing the peripheral areas is accidental or one that will consider a preview of the way in which the EU will be built.

The most important thing now would be for Romania to argue how important it is for no area to remain within the EU with huge development gaps,’ said Puscas.
Puscas also believes Romania should take into account national interest, which should be harmonized with the community interests.

‘National interest is very important for all the member states, but when we talk about the national interest we should take into account the fact that it will have to get compatible and converge with the European interest. But we reach out to Europe only when we have problems and less so when we have a project that would bring Europe forward,’ said Puscas.


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