Bela Marko: First priority is a widely supported Government with anti-crisis programme

Chairman of the Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania (UDMR) Bela Marko said on Friday, after meeting leaders of the National Liberal Party (PNL), that the first priority was to find a governing formula that should be supported by most parliamentary parties and impose an anti-crisis programme.

“We shall have a dialogue with all the political parties. As we had with the PD-L [the Democratic Liberal Party] leaders, we shall do the same with the ones of the Social Democratic Party and the National Liberal Party. We agree with Mr Emil Boc, namely that the first absolute priority is for us to have a government that should be supported by a stable majority in Romania’s Parliament and that should manage to impose an anti-crisis programme,” said Bela Marko.

He also said that UDMR “prefers to go further” with PNL and added that it could think of other governing formulas too. “We are open to various governing formulas and, if there is an appropriate programme, then UDMR is ready to support such a majority and such a government. Still, we would prefer to go further with PNL,” concluded Bela Marko.

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