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Boc: Future government to be set up round PD-L and UDMR

Chairman of the Democratic Liberal Party (PD-L) Emil Boc said on Friday, after meeting the leaders of the Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania (UDMR), that the future governing formula would focus on these two political groups.

“Our aim is that, after the election, we should create a political majority in Parliament meant to support a government. The PD-L option was and still is a right-wing government that should have PD-L and UDMR as an axis … The future government that will give Romania stability, the safety of jobs and the preparation of the economic growth for 2010 will be set up round PD-L and UDMR or round PD-L, PNL [the National Liberal Party] and UDMR,” said Emil Boc.

He added that the invitation extended to the Liberals of taking part in government was still open and also said that the leaders of PD-L would hold some talks, with the group of the national minorities headed by Varujan Pambuccian included, with a view to creating a parliamentary majority.
“We extended this invitation to PNL as far back as 2008 and it is still valid … We shall try to also have a talk with the group of the national minorities for creating a political majority, I am repeating, a political majority, which should be able to support a government in Parliament,” said the PD-L leader.

He also emphasized the fact that PD-L and UDMR coming closer to each other was justified by the fact that the two political groups belonged to the same European family, the European People’s Party. When asked by journalists which party should give the future government its premier, Emil Boc said that the Romanians’ votes should be considered.

“If we were to consider the Romanians’ votes, they could tell us what we must do. Obviously we shall discuss all the solutions with our partners … What matters is for us to be capable, on the basis of what Romanians voted for, of finding a governing formula instead of sticking to an instable formula, which is to the detriment of all the Romanians,” Emil Boc told the meeting with UDMR leader Bela Marko, which was held at the Bucharest headquarters of the Union.


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