Clujana starts exports to France and Ireland

Clujana footwear factory (Cluj County, north-west of Bucharest) is opening, as a first after 1989, the series of exports to Europe, France and Ireland being current destinations for the contracted products.

In the upcoming days in December, this year, Clujana is to dispatch to France a collection formed of 8,892 pairs of shoes in the value exceeding 179,000 euros and another model series is prepared for Ireland.
In September this year, “Clujana” factory management signed a contract with French Soditex Co., aimed at entering on the profile market in the European Union, the two companies agreeing to come up with a collection of approximately 200 shoe models. In September as well, “Clujana” edited a folder/catalogue with its new products.
At present, 93 percent of the factory stock is held by Cluj County Council.

In 2011, “Clujana” will celebrate 100 years since the inception.
“Clujana” had 10,000 employees in 1989. Afterwards the company was confronted with major delivery difficulties and with a period of decline. The production was re-started in 2005, after 16 stagnation years, with a single fabrication line. Currently, the factory has five sewing lines and a soles assembly one. In 2007 the shareholders approved the opening of sale offices in Bucharest and Timisoara. The factory has two own stores in Cluj-Napoca.

In the first seven months of the year, the factory reported revenues of 3.9 million lei, more than 1.5 million lei higher than in the same period a year earlier. “Clujana” has at present 352 employees and their number is set to increase, in step with the company’s development and the entrance on the European Union market. The most important advantage of this factory, alongside the ongoing projects, are the “very specialized workers, masters in their field”, said the factory manager Dan Ungureanu.

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