Danube Delta, main topic in National Geographic latest issue

The Save Danube and its Delta Association and the National Geographic organize, on Friday, the event called ‘The Danube Delta in three arms occasioned by the latest number of the National Geographic, for the first time devoted to the Danube Delta (eastern Romania).

On this special occasion, at the Peasant’s Club, Helmut Ignat will show the pictures he took in the Danube Delta and included in the Album The Song of the Mute Swan. Under the title Ignat presents the Delta from four perspectives: Air – Where Life earns its freedom. Banks – Where Life unveils itself, Earth – Where Life nests and Water – Where Life is born.

In the framework of the same event, the Save the Danube and its Delta Association proposes the visitors an exhibition showing traditional products from the Danube Delta, such as reed and bulrush wickerwork that the local craftsmen make and decorate in their workshops at Mahmudia, Tulcea County (south east). Save the Danube and its Delta Association’s president Liviu Mihaiu, Helmut Ignat, Domnica Macri, the director of Grigore Antipa Natural History Museum Dumitru Murariu will speak about the Delta’s natural beauties and traditions, and the requirement to preserve them unchanged.

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