Foreign investors pull out 2.87 million euros in November

Net outflows of foreign investors trading on the Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB) – the difference between their selling and buying – stood at RON 12.329 million (2.87 million euros), according to data with the BVB.

Total trade in shares on the BVB this November reached 98.777 million euros. Foreign investors’ investment in the stocks traded on the BVB stood at 15.74 million euros, with sales totaling 18.61 million euros.

Non-resident individual investors bought shares to the tune of 1.56 million euros in November and sold shares worth 2.41 million euros, while non-resident legal persons reported stock acquisitions of 14.18 million euros and sales of 16.2 million euros. Also in November, local investors bought shares worth 80.07 million euros and sold stocks worth 76.92 million euros.


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