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Liu Zengwen: We learn from each other to use acquired experience in both countries interest

By comparison with other countries in the region Romania has rich natural and human resources, an adequate basis for its industrial and agricultural development, stated Liu Zengwen, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the People’s Republic of China to Bucharest, in an interview given to Financiarul daily.

Supporter of the idea, according to which the market economy is not a patent of capitalism, Liu Zengwen noted in his interview that after 1989 Romania chose a new development path and the Chinese people understood and respected it and that, following its European Union accession in 2007, the country has been presented with the historical opportunity to develop at social and economic levels.

“We learn from each other to use our acquired experiences in the interest of both states”, said the People’s Republic of China Ambassador to Bucharest. As for the cooperation relations, His Excellency sees as particularly important the identification of the areas of collaboration and of convergence points between the two sides. To this end, the Chinese diplomat underlined that in the past 30 years China mainly acquired experience in the field of infrastructure construction.

For instance, in the past 20 years, 60,000 km. of motorway were built in China, at an annual pace of up to 5,000 km. Chinese enterprises, China’s businessmen are ready to intensify pragmatic cooperation relations with the Romanian side in the field of infrastructure in Romania, so that results are mutually advantageous, stated Ambassador Liu Zengwen.

According to the Chinese diplomat, Romania has a relatively advanced technology and a big capacity to compete, so that the two countries’ cooperation potential is also very big. But most important is for China and Romania’s businessmen to know the reality on the spot, to know each side legal framework, a fact which can help a lot the development of their relations, said Liu Zengwen.

His Excellency also reminded in the interview that there are traditional friendly relations between China and Romania. Some dates them as far back as 300 years ago, when the High court official Milescu was the first Romanian who traveled to China. Others say they started 100 years ago, since the first bilateral relations were established. It is certain that 60 years since the establishment of the diplomatic relations are celebrated in 2009 and these bilateral relations are viewed as a true development model for the inter-state rapports, pointed out Liu Zengwen.

The Chinese diplomat summed up the evolution of China-Romania relations, saying that despite the changed internal situation in each country the bilateral relations remain the same, and the feelings of friendship continued to be the same. Chinese investments in Romania continued their advance, reaching till the end of October 2009 more than 390 million dollars and the economic cooperation and bilateral commercial potential is very great, estimated Liu Zengwen.

From one billion dollars in 1989 the commercial exchanges amounted in 2008 at more than 3.2 billion dollars, 11-fold higher than in 2000. More than 9,500 Chinese companies operate in Romania, in general under the form of family businesses, stressed the Chinese diplomat.


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