More people in malls, but less shopping

The market of shopping centres in Bucharest, which attracted investments of more than 500 million euros in the opening of the Cotroceni Park and Grand Arena malls and of the MIlitari Shopping Center this year alone, saw a higher number of visitors in the first week of December compared with the same month of 2008, but retailers say sales are 20 percent to 40 percent lower, Ziarul financiar daily reports.

Owners of shopping centres had about 500,000 square metres of stores, restaurants and entertainment space available for the clients whose shopping budget has visibly shrunk in 2009.The battle over the client’s money is fought among the 12 shopping centres in Bucharest and is becoming increasingly fiercer, each of them resorting to aggressive marketing campaigns to bring more visitors daily.
As such, longer opening hours, night time concerts, extended promotional campaigns are but a few of the strategies that have helped shopping centres boost traffic in the first week of December, compared with the same time in 2008.

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