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More than 50pc of Romanians say Romania is on the wrong track

Nearly 57 percent of Romanians believes the country is on the wrong track, 25 percent that the country is on the right track, while 16 percent of them do not know, according to the findings of a recent poll conducted by the Romanian Institute for Evaluation and Strategy (IRES) released on Friday.

According to the same poll, 45 percent of Romanians believe they will fare better in the future than their parents; 31 percent that they will fare worse and 7 percent that they will fare the same as their parents. As many as 4 percent of the respondents did not answer and 13 percent said they do not know.
To the question ‘are you pessimistic, optimistic or reserved about your future?,’ 41 percent of the respondents answered optimistic, 18 percent pessimistic and 32 percent reserved. Three percent of them did not answer and 6 percent said they do not know.

The poll also reveals that 54 percent of the respondents received in their mailbox electoral leaflets and pamphlets and 86 percent of them watched the election debates. At the same time, 89 percent of them say they did not attend electoral meetings with the candidates, but 93 percent say they watched for the electoral speeches of the candidates.
As far as the impartiality of television channels is concerned, 44 percent of the respondents said television channels were not impartial and 43 percent that they were biased.

The Internet, according to the poll, is not held in high regard, as 77 percent of the respondents said they do not read political or current news in any day of the week on the Internet; 9 percent said they set aside less than one hour and 4 percent between one and two hours for reading news on the Internet.
More than 90 percent of the respondents say they did not receive e-mail messages from the candidates. The IRES poll was conducted December 8-9 on a sample of 1,496 persons aged 18 and above through the CATI – computer assisted telephone interviewing – method. It carries an error margin of plus/minus 2.8 percent.


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