Null ballot papers to be recounted in Bucharest

The null ballot papers will be recounted in Bucharest by the members of the Central Election Bureau (BEC), the BEC spokesman Marian Muhulet announced.
He specified that the BEC was waiting to receive during this night from the territory the first null ballot papers in the presidential election.

Muhulet expressed hope that the BEC could be able to observe the deadline in order to complete the recounting procedure of the null ballot papers by Monday, at December 14, at 15:00 hrs.
Romania’s Constitutional Court on Friday ruled the reexamination of the null ballot papers in the presidential election and their recounting by the Central Election Bureau to establish if there were any discrepancies between the data written in the electoral reports and the real number of such votes.

‘After the plenary sitting on Friday, based on the article 146 letter f of the Romanian Constitution and on the article 2, paragraph 2 of the Law 370 as of 2004 on the election of Romania’s President, and on the article 77 of the Law 47 as of 1992 on the CCR organization and functioning, the Constitutional Court of Romania decided the reexamination of the null ballot papers resulted after the presidential election and that the BEC should recount them in order to establish whether there are disparities between the data recorded in the reports and the real data,’ reads CCR release issued on Friday.

The CCR decision is final and it was notified to the Central Election Bureau. According to the final results of the presidential election provided by the BEC, 10,620,116 people cast their vote in the presidential election. Among them, there voted in the special polling stations 986,887 people, with the mobile ballot box having been used in 47,189 of the cases. The total number of valid votes stood at 10,481,568, out of which 138,476 were declared null.

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