PM Boc: PD-L has not considered minority Gov’t

Caretaker Prime Minister Emil Boc, the chief of the Democratic-Liberal Party (PD-L), on Friday stated that PD-L did not consider assembling a minority Government.

‘Had we opted for a minority Government, all these talks would have not been held. Our aim is to assemble a strong parliamentary majority that will support in Parliament a Government that has to make important decisions – from building a Budget to recover the economy and get the country out of the crisis,’ said Boc.

He mentioned that PD-L is waiting for the decision of the Constitutional Court on the certification of the presidential election’s outcome and also the position of the National Liberal Party (PNL), which he said has been invited to the construction of a parliamentary majority. ‘We hope to assemble a Government in seven-ten days, draw up a Budget and build political stability,’ said Boc. PD-L leaders say that they might meet officials of the group of independent parliamentarians on Saturday.


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