PSD challenges in court report announced by BEC

Social Democratic Party (PSD) on Friday lodged a complaint with the Bucharest Court of Appeal requesting for the deferral of the report issued by the Central Electoral Bureau (BEC) on the outcome of the presidential elections.

The Court announced the PSD complaint will be debated on January 5 2010. In another file, PSD lodged a request with the contentious-administrative department of the Bucharest Court of Appeal asking for evidence to be collected related to the outcome of the presidential runoff, with the Court to pronounce on the matter on Friday.

The Social Democrats requested the Ministry of Administration and Interior, the Standing Electoral Authority, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Central Electoral Bureau and the Special Telecommunications Service all to preserve the evidence related to the outcome of the runoff. According to the law, a request like this is meant to secure the preservation of evidence while waiting for the trial.


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