Puscas: Lisbon Treaty must be completed with aspects of EU political unity

Romania’s former chief negotiator with the European Union (EU), Vasile Puscas, of the Social Democratic Party, thinks that the Lisbon Treaty, which came into force on December 1, must already be revised in the sense of consolidating the European political unity.

“I am hailing the Lisbon Treaty finally coming into force and hope that it will be completed as soon as possible, revised with aspects connected to the political unity of the EU. The current international financial and economic crisis has proved how important this political unity of the EU is, which would also lead to consolidating the credibility of the EU as an international player,” Vasile Puscas told on Friday.

The winter session of the European Council started in Brussels on Thursday. Romania is represented by President Traian Basescu. The agenda of the high-level meeting in Brussels includes, among other things, the institutional aspects generated by the Lisbon Treaty coming into force and the economic, financial and employment situation in the Union.
Vasile Puscas also spoke of the necessity to revise the Lisbon Treaty during a debate on the European information networks, which was organized in Cluj-Napoca (central Romania) on Thursday, December 10, by the representation office to Romania of the European Commission and the North-West Regional Development Agency.

The former chief negotiator says it was necessary for this terrible economic crisis to appear so that European leaders should find that a political coordination of the states, a political unity were needed and that the economic community alone was not enough. “On December 1 the Lisbon Treaty came into force and, from now on, I ardently want it to be revised, improved, adapted to what is going on. In my opinion, the EU has left European leaders behind.

It was the European leaders that blocked the aspect of the European political unity, which was stipulated by the Constitutional Treaty, initialled on October 20, 2004,” said Puscas, who hoped that the European Parliament would bring about the revision of the Lisbon Treaty, the more so as it it was lawfully voted on by citizens.
Vasile Puscas also told that although the Lisbon Treaty had been in force since the beginning of this month, Romania, as an EU member state, had not prepared and adapted its new institutional and administrative system and the one coordinating the decision-making process in point of European policies to the new requirements.

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