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Romanian-Bulgarian cooperation in education, science, culture, mass media

Secretary of State for European Affairs Bogdan Mazuru and Bulgaria’s Ambassador in Bucharest Valentin Radomirski on Friday, at the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE), signed a cooperation programme between the two countries in education, science, culture, mass media, youth and sports for 2009-2011.

Bogdan Mazuru said that, in their capacity as European Union (EU) and NATO member states, Romania and Bulgaria had common interests, especially in the South East European area, interests that include the cooperation at the Black Sea and the Danube as well as in the wider European framework by promoting the strategic interests of the EU.

“The cultural relations between the two states are in this context an essential element of the Romanian-Bulgarian cooperation. The year 2009 also marks the 130th anniversary of the establishment of the diplomatic relations between Romania and Bulgaria, a fact that was marked by numerous cultural events, some of which are the exhibition of diplomatic documents, organized by MAE in Bucharest, a conference and a similar exhibition in Sofia, shows, book launches in both countries,” said Bogdan Mazuru.

Valentin Radomirski appreciated that the programme signed in Bucharest would enlarge the cooperation between the two countries. The current programme is the expression of the ever more marked development of the relations between the two countries under the new circumstances and realities … The programme corresponds and observes the European regulations in the fields of activity included in the programme,” said the Bulgarian diplomat.

In the field of sciences the programme involves the stimulation of the direct relations between the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and the Romanian Academy, the creation of some common projects of scientific research, the development of the technical and scientific cooperation through institutes. In the field of education they plan to mutually exchange five study grants for the master’s or the doctor’s degree, ten offers for the summer seminars in Bulgarian and Romanian.

On a mutual basis they will also pay special attention to the Mihai Eminescu lower secondary school in Sofia, where Romanian is studied intensively, and the Khristo Botev theoretical upper secondary school in Bucharest. In the field of culture and the arts, the programme aims at an active exchange of exhibitions and theatre plays, an exchange of information and documents referring to theatres, museums, photo galleries, libraries, publishing houses and participation in festivals.

“The extensive exchange of cooperation in the filed of television, radio, the press, archives, youth, sports with a view to better knowing the two peoples and developing of the bilateral relations.” said Valentin Radomirski. He voiced conviction that the programme would contribute to the increasing development of the bilateral relations and to the cooperation between the two countries for deepening the friendship between Bulgaria and Romania.


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