Sergiu Celac: Romania has short time horizons and no strategy

Former Romania’s Foreign Minister and former Ambassador to London Sergiu Celac maintained that in Romania people neither have a longer time horizon, nor devised strategies in that direction.

He said that he could assess this last year included, when he was involved into the outlining of the National steady development strategy. “We fixed three time horizons in the attempt to have a prospective programming, rather a normative type than a predicting type, namely not a prognosis, but the standard setting for the direction we want to take.

We took as reference points the European Union budget cycles: the first horizon was set in 2013, the current budgetary exercise, the second horizon in 2020 and the third in 2030. Why 2030? Because for 2030 we have projections provided by some institutions, including the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) as regards some key indicators (…) We assessed that beyond 2013 the Romanian institutions willingness to be more far-sighted is very low”, stated Sergiu Celac on Thursday.

He appreciated there is a need of such longer periods of time strategies “not to guess the future, but to formulate and implement decisions with the necessary timely corrections”. Sergiu Celac urged the youth to foster their “courage to look into the future”. “I think that we have to urge the academic and university media to cultivate the courage to look into the future. And not only that, but to develop the science and art to transform a vision into concrete policies”, underlined Sergiu Celac.

At the same time, Vasile Puscas, former Romania’s Chief negotiator with the EU, stressed that a long term strategy is needed so that Romania can be a player inside the EU, but this strategy must start from reality. Sergiu Celac and Vasile Puscas took part on Thursday in the “Conference of European information networks”, debate organized in Cluj-Napoca by the European Commission Representation in Romania and by the Agency of Regional Development North-West.

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