Traian Basescu: I hope unemployment rate maintains below EU average

With an increase in the jobless rate having already been estimated in the EU, Romania could only hope to maintain its figure below the European average, incumbent Romanian President Traian Basescu on Friday told a press conference, after the end of the works of the Winter European Council in Brussels.

‘For now, we are at least two percent behind the average unemployment figure in the EU, so that we could only hope we would be able to maintain below the EU average’, the head of the Romanian state said.
He also added that, during the works of the Council, the main topic approached was related to such strategies to be used by the government to end those programmes they created to help the national economies in the beginning of the crisis.

Thus, Traian Basescu appreciated that in the future the government will have to create together a strategy to end such pogrammes they used to help their economies through the crisis. Nevertheless, he also mentioned that it was too early for such a measure.
‘From our viewpoint, the support granted by the government to the national economy to help it with the crisis was represented by the programme financed by the EU and the IMF, which means we have no other choice but wait til the term stipulated in the contract comes, that is end-201 0’, Traian Basescu explained.

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