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Traian Basescu: Romania wants as many posts as possible in the EU Diplomatic Service

Romania wants to be awarded as many posts at the European Union Diplomatic Service as possible, Romania’s incumbent President Traian Basescu said on Friday in Brussels at the end of the winter summit of the European Council.

The EU wants to preserve its status of a vanguard in the combat against climate changes by making available to developing counties 7.2 billion euros 2010-2012 to combat pollution and reduce by 30 percent the emissions of carbon dioxide, Basescu said on Friday in Brussels.
An amount of 2.4 billion euros a year will be raised in contributions from each member state of the EU plus the European Commission, said Basescu. Thus, the 27 member states will contribute one third toward the total amount, while the European Commission will provide the remaining sum in appropriations from the European Budget.

Basescu mentioned that the summit also discussed the Copenhagen Summit, as the Kyoto Protocol expires in 2013. In relation to the situation in Afghanistan, Basescu said the EU hailed the initiative of US President Barack Obama to consolidate the US presence in Afghanistan and pledged to continue to be the US partner in the fight against terrorism.

As regards Iran, Romania’s incumbent President said the EU has issued a very stern warning to the country. ‘The EU has noticed that Iran does not obey any decision of the UN Security Council or the recommendations of the International Atomic Agency of Vienna and is firmly urging Iran to display transparency in its nuclear programme,’ said Basescu.

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