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Without majority to support it, budget bill could be crumbled away in Parliament

Caretaker Prime Minister Emil Boc on Friday told the public radio station that the 2010 budget bill should be promoted by a government to be backed by a majority in the Legislative, otherwise risking to be crumbled away depending on the interests of each MP, with the priorities to result modified too.

‘Without a majority to prop it up there is a great risk the budget bill to fall down into small pieces in the Parliament, with its priorities to be reoriented depending on the interests of each MP, of each constituency and also, unless we have a majority to back it up, we won’t be able to honour our pledges before the international institutions. Nevertheless, I believe the budget bill have good chances to reach the Parliament in December’, Boc said.

He also added that, early in January, at the latest, the budget bill will have to be adopted, so that Romania to receive the promised tranche from the IMF. According to him, the existing budget construction didn’t take into account the possibility modifications to intervene in the two basic components – the flat tax and the VAT (…) He assured instead that the pensions and the wages will be paid, but with the single chance of increase existing in the case of such wages now trapped between 600-705 RON.

‘We will a allot money for investments, at least 20 percent of the total budget, in order to save the jobs. But we do not know if we would be able to save ‘The First Home’ or ‘The First Silo’ programmes, B oc said. He also added that Romania needs to stay below a deficit of 5.9 percent next year.


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