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Antonescu: Liberals to discuss with PD-L too, but they reject gov’t being set up around PD-L

National Liberal Party (PNL) president Crin Antonescu announced after a meeting of the party’s Standing Delegation on Monday that the Liberals will hold talks with all the political groupings, the Democratic Liberals (PD-L) included, but stressed the party rejects the idea that the future government be set up around the PD-L.

‘The PNL will negotiate with all the parties,PD-L included, but it firmly rejects the idea that the government should be set up around the PD-L (…), even if Traian Basescu is validated as president’, Antonescu said. Basically every discussion between us and the other three parliamentary parties, eventually with the national minorities group as well, will start from the idea that this Government is formed not with whom, or how Traian Basescu wishes, or PD-L wishes.

In our opinion the Government must be set up based on a governing programme, around some principles and not around a party that attempts, aided by the President’s instruments to become a party-state in Romania”, underlined Antonescu. PNL leader insisted the National Liberal Party will only be part of a government headed by a prime minister designated by the Liberals, or by a person whose independence and competence be recognized as a guarantee for the balance of the powers in the state and for the achievement of the governance goals.

Antonescu also referred to the PNL goals, when eventually at rule, among which the re¬establishment of an efficient and balanced functioning of the institutions subordinated to the Government, as well as protection and application of the rights, freedoms and democratic principles as stipulated by the Constitution against any abuse perpetrated by some people, groups or political parties.

All these conditions, principles and goals were included into a resolution adopted on Monday by PNL Standing Delegation by 173 votes in favor, seven abstentions and one vote against.
The Liberals leader announced that during the day he will contact leaders of the parliamentary political parties and the leader of national minorities group in the Parliament in order to start negotiations for the setting up of a future government, but that this initiative will not include talks with the independents’ group.

PNL negotiations team will include alongside President Crin Antonescu PNL prime vice president Ludovic Orban, Secretary general Radu Stroe, vice presidents Varujan Vosganian and Relu Fenechiu.


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