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BEC must finish recounting null votes by 3 pm

The members of the Central Electoral Bureau (BEC) must finish checking and recounting the null votes in the runoff presidential election by Monday, 3 pm.

The Constitutional Court decided late last week to have BEC reexamine the null ballot papers of the runoff presidential election of December 6 and recount them in order to be able to establish if there were differences between the data to be found in the report and the real facts.

The Constitutional Court asked BEC to have the null ballot papers reexamined and recounted by Monday, 3 pm. The BEC members started recounting the votes on Friday afternoon and on Saturday they stopped because of being too tired. They resumed recounting the votes on Sunday morning. According to a release published on Sunday, BEC reexamined 137,206 null voting papers from the polling stations all over Romania, 2,137 of them were cast validly.

Traian Basescu got 1,169 of them and Mircea Geoana, 968. The null votes from the polling stations abroad will be sent to BEC for the Electoral Bureau for the Polling Stations abroad to reexamine and recount them. The total number of the validly cast votes in the runoff presidential election was 10,481,568 and 138,476 voting papers were declared null. The official announcement of the result of the null votes being recounted will be made by BEC when the operation ends.


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