BEC: Of 2,247 validly expressed ballots – 1,260 for Basescu and 987 for Geoana

The Central Electoral Bureau (BEC) finalized the final null vote recount in the country and abroad as resulted from the presidential elections runoff on Dec. 6, BEC spokesman Marian Muhulet announced on Monday.

Of the total of 136,067 recounted null ballots BEC identified 2,247 validly expressed ballots. Of them 1,260 were for Traian Base scu and 987 for Mircea Geoana.
According to BEC representative, the assessed errors at the recount of the null ballots were in fact up to “interpretation” from one ballot to the other and were in his view the consequence of the members of the polling stations fatigue at the first count of the ballots in the presidential elections runoff.

“I would note the stamps applied tangentially or non-tangentially with the edge of the respective box, when voting a candidate, stamps applied on both boxes, one stamped with “voted” and on the other the stamp stick being imprinted.
Such peculiarities were overlooked by the polling stations members and we are glad we could check everything up and bring the light into this case, as well”, said Muhulet. At the same time, he underlined that the official report was submitted to the Constitutional Court, and the judges will take a decision.

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