Boc: Prime minister’s position not negotiable

The Democratic Liberal Party (PD-L) believes it has the political and legal grounds to have the prime minister’s position, given it won both the parliamentary and presidential elections, PD-L leader and caretaker Prime Minister Emil Boc said after the party’s National Standing Bureau on Monday.

‘The prime minister’s position is not negotiable, given the results of the parliamentary and presidential elections’, Boc said; the Standing Bureau has adopted a political resolution to this effect, he added.
He stressed it is the Romanian president’s authority to designate a prime minister and he pointed out that all the Democratic Liberals’ choices of prime minister will first be discussed with the president, with the candidate’s name to be made public only afterwards.

Boc announced that the resolution also says the future political majority should be set up around the PD-L as the party that has the highest number of seats in Parliament; such political majority should include the National Liberal Party, the Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania and the national minorities’ group, he added. ‘Therefore, a right-wing majority able of backing a substantial and strong government’, he said.

The Democratic Liberal leader insisted such parliamentary majority should be set up as soon as possible, with the PD-L to begin the negotiations immediately after the result of the presidential election is certified. ‘After a hard economic year, after two electoral campaigns, after European and presidential elections, the Romanians await a capable government from the politicians.

We need a (state) budget and we need to make important economic decisions next year; even though next year will see economic growth, it will not be an easy one and we need a government that should meet the international commitments we have made’, he stressed. Boc said the PD-L wants a right-wing majority alongside the Liberals, but he stressed he is not willing to accept an independent prime minister, as the Liberals had proposed. ‘The Liberal partners are waited for, but not entreated’, Boc said.

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