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Boc: Question is not how a government is validated, but what majority it needs to resist in Parliament

Question is not how a government is validated by Parliament, but what majority that government needs in the future, said Emil Boc, chairman of the Democratic Liberal Party (PD-L), before the meeting of the PD-L national standing bureau.

He explained a strong majority was needed with a view to supporting the government “as one needs laws that should be passed by Parliament, projects that should be supported, important measures that should be applied.”
“The most serious question appears after the government is validated, the question refers to the majority that should support it and I believe in a healthy right-wing one, with PNL [the National Liberal Party], PD-L, UDMR [the Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania], and the group of the national minorities,” said the Democrat Liberal leader.

The PD-L leader made it clear that, following a letter he wrote to PNL leader Crin Antonescu, he had agreed with him on the talks with PNL being resumed after the validation of the ruling made by the Constitutional Court.
“I hope in the wisdom, reason and lack of vainglory within PNL for us to be able to build round the future government a sound majority, capable of carrying out the reforms Romania needs in 2010 as it will not be an easy year even if it is be a year of economic growth, not of economic decrease as 2009 was …

Let us not start from the prerequisite that PNL does not want what is best for Romania [and it will decide to go on being in the opposition],” said Boc. He emphasized the fact that after a difficult year from an economic point of view, after election campaigns and elections came to an end, politicians must leave aside the electoral or personal interests of some people or others and give a government.

When asked how many votes PD-L hopes to get for the validation of the future government by Parliament, Boc made it clear that he could not make an estimate for the time being before negotiations for creating a majority are finalized. “At this moment we want a majority made up of 280- 290 deputies and senators in the formula mentioned before [PD-L, UDMR, PNL and the group of the national minorities],” said Emil Boc.

Boc: Question is not how a government is validated, but what majority it needs to resist in Parliament

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