Constitutional Court rejects PSD claim that presidential runoff be cancelled

Romania’s Constitutional Court (CCR), on Monday, decided to reject a claim made by the Social Democratic Party (PSD) that the presidential runoff on Dec. 6 should be cancelled.

Based on the Article 146, letter ‘f’ of the Constitution, Article 2 Paragraph (2) and the Article 24 of the Law No. 307/2004 on the organization and functioning of the Constitutional Court, during its sitting on Dec 14, 2009, CCR unanimously rejected the claim of annulling the runoff for the election of Romania’s President, on Dec. 6, 2009, that the Social Democratic Party (PSD) and the Conservative Party (PC) made, reads the release CCR.

Likewise, through its Decision No. 40 of Dec. 14, 2009, CCR overruled as inadmissible the claims made by the PSD+PC Alliance and its Organization of the County of Caras Severin (south¬west), recorded at the Central Electoral Bureau and sent to the CCR to resolve, and through the Decision No, 41 of Dec 14, 2009 as inadmissible as well, the claim made by the PSD+PC Alliance of Arad (western Romania).

The decisions are final and will be published in Romania’s Official Gazette, Part I. Likewise, the decisions will be posted on the CCR web page, at the section Presidential elections 2009, the press release says.

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