Emil Boc: Not many chances to see IMF tranche in December

Prime Minister Emil Boc stated on Monday that there are not many chances to see the third International Monetary Fund (IMF) tranche arriving in December, but gave assurances that the necessary funds exist for the payment of pensions and wages.

Emil Boc said that, certainly, Romania has the chance to receive in January at least one tranche, if not both of them. “The Government has available financial resources to cover the needed funds in December, even in January, so that we will not be confronted with difficulties for the payment of investments, wages and pensions, as well as social allowances”, said Emil Boc, adding that December “is secure” from this point of view, even in the absence of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) loan.

At the question if Romania could receive two cumulated tranches from this international financial assistance package in January, Emil Boc replied that these issues should be discussed. “Certainly, there are chances to receive at least one tranche in January, if not both of them”, said Emil Boc. The European Commission and IMF team is in Romania this week, in order to discuss with Bucharest authorities on the sidelines of the final budget projection for 2010.

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