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Geoana: We choose majority made up of PSD+PC, PNL and UDMR

The Social Democrats’ (PSD) preferred majority is the one made up of the PSD+PC Alliance (with the Conservatives), the National Liberal Party (PNL) and the Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania (UDMR), Social Democrat chairman Mircea Geoana reiterated on Monday, after a meeting of the party’s National Standing Bureau.

‘The future majority, that backs a legitimate government of Romania, is the already existing majority with the PNL and UDMR and it represents the best majority formula for these times. It also has a huge advantage – it represents the will of the entire Romanian population, of more than 5.2 million voters and it could be a solution of democratic balance and of governmental and parliamentary stability’, Geoana explained.

He announced the Social Democrats will decide ‘the strategic development axes’ and the directions of PSD’s public position in the period ahead, at a meeting of the Executive Committee.
According to Geoana, the formula that the Democratic Liberal leaders are putting forward these days represents ‘a pseudo-majority made up of bits of stolen parliamentarians from one party or another and it is a bad formula for Romania’, given that the authorities will have to draw up a programme to battle the downturn, which ‘will necessarily need a much more substantial majority, a more coherent majority able to rule Romania’.

‘A governmental solution based on a pseudo-majority of some two or three parliamentarians collected from God knows where, who should vote for such a government amounts to economic and social disaster and it is a wrong approach to Romania’, Geoana said. He stressed that the majority of the PSD+PC, PNL and UDMR is what the Social Democrats prefer for this moment. ‘We are willing to take part in such an effort, provided the other partners decide to stay in such a majority formula too’, the PSD leader said.


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