Liberals designate Antonescu for prime minister

National Liberal Party’s (PNL) Standing Delegation on Monday designated party leader Crin Antonescu for prime minister in the event that the Liberals take part in forming the new government.

Antonescu told a news conference that the PNL Standing Delegation designated him for prime minister in the event that this position is assigned the Liberals in the talks on the formation of a new government.
On the other hand, he said that should an independent be named prime minister, he should be a person such as National Bank of Romania (BNR) governor Mugur Isarescu, with this being a possibility that can ‘certainly be discussed’.

‘I don’t think Isarescu is the only man in Romania – he may be the best known, but I think there are other quality people too, whom we could trust. We have made a pledge, we are open to talks and we are not afraid to discuss our involvement in governance at a very difficult moment. We claimed during the election campaign that we have solutions, that we know what can be done for Romania, so it would be unfair to say now that ‘we don’t care, do what you can, we do not want to be part of it’, Antonescu said.

The Liberal leader stressed that another condition set by the party in order to join the government is that the executive be made up of people ‘above the suspicions of corruption or of irresponsible spending of the public money’. Furthermore, the Liberals do not accept to see in the new government persons that had proved ‘well-known incompetence’ in the previous governments.


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