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Romania and Peru celebrate 70 years of diplomatic ties

Romania and Peru, on Monday, marked 70 years since they established diplomatic ties, stressing that no matter what a long distance separates the two countries, their common Latin origins bring them close.

General Director for Bilateral Affairs Gheorghe Magheru summarized the developments in the Romanian-Peruvian relations, stressing that the inter-war Romanian diplomat Nicolae Titulescu (1882-1941 – several times Romania’s Foreign Minister and the President of the League of the Nations) played a key role in the development of the close ties with important Latin American personalities.

‘It is to Titulescu that we owe the prolific relations among Romania and the Latin American countries, over the inter-war period, when we established diplomatic relations with most states of that continent,” Magheru added. He stressed that Romania and Peru had developed a balanced and positive dialogue, based on a traditional friendship, a cultural affinity and shared values that were contributing to strengthening the ties between the two states, over the decades.

In his turn, Peru’s Ambassador in Bucharest Ernesto Moises Pinto-Bazurco Rittler said that the closeness between Peru and Romania had not relied only on their diplomatic and cultural ties, but particularly on the relations among their nations. We represent two very old civilizations, who were finding a common and very important way in the international representation,’ the Peruvian dignitary said.

He also emphasized that Romania and Peru had been contributing to the world diplomacy and stressed that the outstanding Romanian diplomat Nicolae Titulescu endorsed the building of a Latin bloc. ‘A friend of mine, the director of a very important daily in Peru told me that the first meeting between the Romanian nation and the Peruvian one happened in 1930 in the soccer match Romania and Peru were playing in Uruguay, and when Romania won 3 to 1.

Seventy years later, a considerably large number of Romanians live in Peru and we recouped 3 to 1 that contest. And it was that way that we succeeded to balance the match we lost in 1930,’ Peru’s Ambassador said. The original diplomatic documents of the Romanian Foreign Ministry archives and an exhibition showing pictures from both Romania and Peru were presented during the event. Also attending were Latin American and European diplomats accredited in Bucharest and academics.


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