Romanian Post Company extends its Eurogiro money order service to Bulgaria

The Romanian National Post Company has announced in a press release that beginning on Monday it will have its Eurogiro money order service available for Bulgaria too.

The maximum value to be transferred from Romania to Bulgaria will be 3,000 euros, with a return of maximum 550 euros. The money sent via the Eurogire service will be available within 4 working days since the date when they were sent from the first post office.

The Romanian Post Company also specified that in the case of money sent to Romania, the addressee will receive a notification at his/hers mail box about the arrival of the money in order to go to the post office and cash them, in maximum 30 days since the notification came.

Currently, the Romanian Post transfers money, based on mutual agreements, to and from post companies in: Austria, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Brazil, the Czech republic, Croatia, Switzerland, France, Greece, Israel, Japan, Luxembourg, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Slovenia, Slovakia, Turkey, Hungary, Moreover, the Romanian Post Company offers the Eurogiro Cash International services in both directions with Italy and Germany.

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