T-bills put up for tender worth 1 billion RON

Romanian Ministry of Public Finance (MFP) on Monday put up for tender discount treasury bonds worth 1 billion RON, carrying a 6-year maturity, according to the calendar of state bonds issues made public by the MFP.

MFP scheduled tenders in December for state bonds issues- treasury certificates and bonds – worth 4.8 billion RON, after in November it drew from the market some 1.72 billion RON. On December 17, there will be issued state bonds to carry a 3-year maturity worth 850 million RON, while on December 21 there will be issued T-Bills to have a 1-year maturity worth 500 million RON.

The last tender this year was scheduled for December 28, when there will be issues discount T-bills, to be falling in 6-months, worth 500 million RON. MFP drew approx. 59.7 billion RON from the market January through November 2009, compared with 12.5 billion RON in 2008.


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