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Adrian Nastase: Jihad or reconciliation in PSD, at Christmas?

Social Democratic Party (PSD) National Council president Adrian Nastase believes it is needed a unitary and united party, open to new generations of members, with a team capable to convey the message of solidarity and wisdom and to assume both the mistakes and the achievements.

‘A new journey through the desert begins for the PSD. How many are to endure up to the end,’ Nastase said in a commentary named “Jihad or Reconciliation in PSD, at Christmas”, that he posted on his personal blog.
Adrian Nastase left for the meeting of the Council of Europe, early on Tuesday, being elected in the Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly (PACE) Monitoring Committee. ‘I’m leaving, but my heart is not glad. I leave behind argues, scandals, treachery, lessons to be taught, lies, discord, revenge, snow and sadness.

We have been experiencing such moments before, over the past 20 years, but they seem uglier now, or the memories, the embarrassment and the lack of dignity faded away. Betrayal by a couple of politicians whom only their wives and a couple of friends knew well. The vote became a merchandise, PSD turned from a hinge-party into a door mat party, a disposable party,’ ex-Premier writes. According to him the party indubitably needs time to ponder over.

‘But if we don’t want the fragmentation to go on or the party to be turned into a test shooting range for all sorts of mean interests and individual games at stake, if we want PSD to be reconstructed as a nucleus of a strong left, relying on its own ideology and strategy, expressing the hopes of millions of disappointed fans, then we have to overcome frustration, self-pride, the bitter taste of defeat and we have to achieve an unitary and united party, open to the new generations of members, with a leading team capable to give the message of solidarity and wisdom, assuming both our mistakes and successes, assuming the history both of the PSD and the Democratic National Salvation Front (FDSN) and the National Salvation Front (FSN) and the 1989 Revolution and NATO and the miners’ arrival in Bucharest and the removal of the visas and the transition economy under the external conditionality and the finalization of the negotiations with the EU.

Assuming us ourselves, trusting our Party members more, in the future, and resorting more seldom to imports of foreign players,’ the PSD official stressed.


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