Creams account for a quarter of the total sales in pharmaceutical networks

Sensiblu, Catena, Sona, Help Net, Remedio and Centrofarm, which are the main pharmaceutical networks on the domestic market, recorded total sales worth more than 80 million euros on the non-pharmaceutical segment January through September this year, that is almost a quarter of the total sales worth more than 360 million euros of the networks, according to Ziarul financiar daily.

The 6 networks operate almost 800 pharmacies, that is 12 percent of the total number of pharmacies in Romania. This represented the first study into the non-pharmaceutical sales in the pharmacies.

The pharmaceutical retail networks made a strong bet on the non-pharmaceutical products, which generate the cash they need, in the context in which the money for compensated drugs are sometimes paid to pharmacies even after hundreds of days since the customer took them. Moreover, the pharmacies are free to set their own markup when it comes of non-pharmaceutical products.

This represents also the main difference between the independent networks and pharmacies, in the case of which the percentage is even smaller. ‘I don’t believe this percentage will grow in 2010’, Dorin Catana, general manager of Centrofarm said. In general, in the non-pharmaceutical category, there are included cosmetics, children foodstuffs and also various devices usually to be found in pharmacies.

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