Geoana regrets his mistakes during electoral campaign and announces he remains PSD leader

The leader of the Social Democratic Party Mircea Geoana on Monday evening told a press conference that he regretted his mistakes made during the electoral campaign, while adding that what he didn’t regret was his campaign based on really important projects, on an anti-crisis programme and with a governmental team that would have represented a solution for this very difficult moment Romania is facing right now.

Mircea Geoana also announced on this occasion he was to remain the head of the PSD and he also assured his colleagues in the party, the same as the 5.2 million citizens who voted for him, that he would continue to plead for the social projects he always promoted, with the stress on the creation of jobs. ‘I do not regret not even for a second my campaign, which was based on professionalism, dignity and sincerity and I do not regret the fact that I refused to answer in the same manner to those who never ceased to offend and attack me. I want to thank all those who believed in my project […]

I will continue to represent them with all my energy and I also want to assure those more than 5.2 people who voted for me that I would continue to be the man to represent their interests. I will continue to fight for a single Romania and to militate for a different manner of doing politics’, the PSD leader said.
He also showed that the moment when he must accept he lost the elections is very tough for him, but that he believed that ‘more difficult it is for the country, which is forced to watch its society being divided and lacking trust – vulnerable before the crisis’.

‘Regardless of we are at rule or in opposition, we will continue to fight for an honest governing, competent, to be based on a solid majority in the Parliament, to come with a governing programme and an anti-crisis plan to insist more on the creation of jobs, which is our main priority.

But, if I discover the perpetuation in the following years of the same scandals, lies, stealing, incompetence and corruption on the level of the state institutions, I will be the fiercest enemy of such a political regime […] Today it ends a complicated moment for the country, but with the battle for truth and economic relaunch to continue’, the PSD leader said.


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