PD-L, UDMR discuss governing programme and conclusion of a written collaboration protocol

President of the Democrat Liberal Party (PD-L) Emil Boc and President of the Democratic Union of Hungarians in Romania (UDMR) Marko Bela announced on Tuesday, at the end of the talks held at democrat liberal headquarters, that the meeting was focused on negotiating the future governing programme, but also on the principles of a written protocol of collaboration for the forming of the future coalition between the two formations.

“We discussed the principles of a collaboration protocol between the two formations or, in case the National Liberal Party (PNL) joins us, we will discuss it with them, as well. I further say that they (PNL – editor’s note) should join this coalition and we discussed the governing programme, the colleagues from parliamentary groups (from UDMR – editor’s note) work on our proposals and tomorrow we will be ready with UDMR proposals”, said Marko Bela.

UDMR leader also said that the governing programme details must be discussed further with the democrat liberals in the days to come. As such, Marko Bela pointed out that UDMR and the democrat liberals advanced on Tuesday during the talks referring to the documents needed for a collaboration and the regulation of the functioning of a coalition between the two formations was practically finalized.

Marko Bela said that the regulation needs to be completed, but it will be finalized real soon. Asked in his turn if the collaboration protocol based on a coalition between the two formations will be in writing, PD-L leader Emil Boc replied: “Yes, a collaboration protocol as we had a collaboration protocol with the Social Democratic Party (PSD)”.

Boc added that the document is in ongoing negotiation and it contains the main goals of the governing programme, from the economic component to the political one.
As for the designation of the future Premier, both Emil Boc and Marko Bela said this one must come from PD-L. At the same time, Emil Boc reiterated that during the talks on Wednesday with PNL the democrat liberals will back up their point of view, according to which the Premier should come up from PD-L.

“For the time being, we are interested in forming this majority for the future Government, starting from PD-L-UDMR-PNL-minorities group-independents group axis”, Emil Boc also said.

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