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Romania pleads for agriculture against abandonment of the countryside

The social dimension of agriculture as one of the economic sector contributing to the creation of new jobs and also preventing the abandonment of the rural areas, especially in Romania, were the main issues approached by the Secretary of State with the Romanian Ministry of Agriculture, Forests and Rural Development (MAPDR) Danut Andrei, on the occasion of the meeting of the EU ministers.

According to a release of the MAPDR, the Romanian official stood, together with the Polish representative, for a balance that should be kept even in the direct payments in the perspective of the next long-term budget of the CAP (Common Agricultural Policy) after 2013, with all the member states to benefit from fair competition conditions.

Thus, after this new step was made, there was introduced in the text of the CAP declaration the idea of checking into the development possibilities of a mechanism for direct payments to be legitimated on the European level, without bringing prejudices to the financial perspective after 2013.
On December 10, 2009, there took place the 22nd meeting of the EU ministers, held at the initiative of the French Minister Bruno Le Maire, focusing on the future Common Agricultural Policy (CAP).

The debate was conducted starting from the text of the declaration previously sent to the participating delegations. Ever since the beginning of the meeting, Minister Bruno Le Maire specified that the group remained open to other states that wanted to participate too. The text of the declaration reminded the objectives of the CAP which were also reconfirmed by the Treaty of Lisbon.

Moreover, there were set four basic principles for the future agricultural policy: the development of an European agricultural supply model to be characterized through a large diversity, identification and supply of the necessary instruments to farmers to help them react the signals on the market and to built valid strategies in all the economic sectors, approaching the environmental challenges and also assuming collective choices based on the idea that all the products from import need to meet the same EU standards.


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