State Secretary Mazuru: Western Balkans’ joining EU can consolidate region’s stability

Joining the European Union (EU) by the countries of the Western Balkans can play a decisive role in the consolidation of the region’s stability and redefining of the area as a space of the cooperation and peace, State Secretary for European Affairs Bogdan Mazuru told the meeting of the Eastern Europe in the U.N. Initiative of the Alliance of Civilizations (AC) that happened in Sarajevo, Romanian Ministry for Foreign Affairs informed.

The Southeastern European countries that met in Sarajevo in the forum of the Alliance of Civilizations, agreed to make joint efforts for the improvement of the regional cooperation and the dialogue among its peoples. On the occasion, Mazuru underlined the importance the education has in sensitizing the society, particularly the youth, to the cultural diversity as well as to Romania’s actions aimed at ensuring the active participation of the 20 national minorities in the public life and the democratic transformation in Romania.

Likewise, it was adopted the Sarajevo Declaration and the Regional Strategy of the Alliance of Civilizations in Southeastern Europe. Attending the conference were over 20 delegations from the countries in the region and other sates that supported this dimension of the AC along with the international and the regional organizations and officials of several NGOs and universities.

The Alliance of Civilizations was launched in 2005 by the U.N. Secretary General and it is an initiative promoted by Spain and Turkey which over 100 states and organizations members of the Friendship group joined, as well.
The Alliance of Civilizations’ national strategy is organized around action fields such as education, youth, media and migration. These fields are considered priorities for deepening the cooperation and the consolidation of the free and pluralist societies where the social, the cultural and the religious communities may coexist in mutual understanding and respect.

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