Success rate of ‘Ramshackle’ car scrappage programme – 65 pct

The total number of vehicles for which financing was required this year under the ‘Ramshackle’ car scrappage program initiated in 2005 amounted to 32,000, while there were 50,000 vehicles available for the individuals, according to the data published by the Environment Fund Administration (AFM).

Thus, although the porgramme had the lowest success rate since 2005, there were scrapped more cars than in any other year. In 2008, there were sold 20,000 of the 30,000 vehicles available under the programme. The same as in the past years, the best sold was the Dacia car, with 18, 152 units, that is approx. 50 percent of the total sales of vehicles of the domestic carmaker.

Among the importers, Renault scored best, with 2,651 units sold, followed by Skoda units, with 2,249 and Ford, with 1,622 units. The biggest sales were recorded in the first stage of the programme, in March-May.

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