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U.S. Ambassador compares Laszlo Tokes with Martin Luther King

The United States of America Ambassador to Bucharest, Mark Gitenstein, compared Laszlo Tokes with Martin Luther King, on the occasion of the anniversary of 20 years since the fall of the communist regime in Romania.

Mark Gitenstein pronounced on Tuesday a speech at the Romanian Cultural Center, in Bucharest, at an event dedicated to 20 years since the establishment of the Support for Eastern Europe Democracy funds (SEED) Assistance Act funding. “Today we mark two decades since Laszlo Tokes appeared in his flat window in Timisoara (west), to tell his parishioners that he was not evacuated.

One of his followers recently recounted: “Laszlo appeared in the window and gestured us to come close. He was not aware that the Romanian revolution started at that moment. With that simple sign of encouragement he said in fact: ‘Come here and let’s confront tyranny’ “, said the U.S. Ambassador.

“The same as Martin Luther King and Rosei Parks, Laszlo Tokes inspired those who were deprived of any right, to exert their God given rights, and so he gave the signal of the Revolution’s start”, added the American diplomat.

Mark Gitenstein said that the Romanian Revolution did not end with the events in 1989, in Timisoara, the same as in America the civil rights revolution is ongoing still.
“The same as the civil right movement did not end with the boycott of the buses in Montgomery, or with the speech “I have a dream” of Martin Luther King, in 1963, nor the Romanian Revolution ended with the events 20 years ago in Timisoara or in the University Square.

In America another five years were needed so that Martin Luther King and his allies got the adoption by the Congress of some important laws in the civil rights field and another four decades for an Afro- American, Barack Obama, to be elected as President. But even today no sincere American would pretend that the revolution for civil rights concluded. Here, in Romania, you still have a lot to do in order to conclude the Revolution”, stressed Mark Gitenstein.


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