US Ambassador urges political class to leave stage of quarrels behind

US Ambassador in Bucharest Mark Gitenstein said on Tuesday that Romania must become a country looking for reconciliation and harmony at the end of the election and urged the political class to leave the stage of quarrels behind.

It is my duty as US Ambassador and your duty as advocates of the reform to convince the citizens to carry the revolution through. Romania and America as well must aspire for a rule of laws, not for a country where policies and laws depend on which side has the majority amounting to 50 percent plus 1, said Mark Gitenstein in the speech he delivered at the American Cultural Centre in Bucharest.

“Romania must become a country looking for reconciliation and harmony at the end of the election. To be more accurate, it is time for you to start doing something, not only quarrelling, added the US Ambassador.
From his point of view, to do something, to have a rule of laws means a reform of the public sector and this implies five aspects.

One, a government with a modern multiannual budget with compulsory force. Two, a professional independent administration capable of making administrative decisions as a consequence of an objective regime. Three, an independent professional disinterested judicial system and a parliament allowing those of his members who did something wrong to be punished. Four, independent unbiased mass media.

Five, a nation where civil freedoms are guaranteed and ethnical, religious and political minorities are protected from the influences of the majority, said the Ambassador.
The US Ambassador thinks that the Romanians still have very much work to do in order to carry through the revolution that began in 1989.

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