Antonescu, after meeting with PD-L: We failed to reach an understanding

President of the National Liberal Party (PNL) Crin Antonescu stated on Wednesday, at the end of the talks between PNL representatives and those of the Democrat Liberal Party (PD-L) that the two political formations failed to reach an understanding on the forging of a ruling coalition.

“Unfortunately, we did not find during this meeting the possibility of an understanding, or of a follow-up, or of an opening of a new phase because our first and foremost principle, namely that a Government is generated and is the expression of the parliamentary majority will, is not shared by PD-L, which leaves its own mandate of negotiations at the President’s will and cannot engage a stand otherwise than partially”, said Antonescu.

PNL leader reiterated the conditions liberals set in order to become part of a ruling coalition, namely a liberal or independent Premier. “I understood from PD-L that they find it unacceptable to be part of a Government headed by a liberal, and I hope they understood that PNL finds it unacceptable to be part of a government headed by a PD-L representative.

We also proposed a compromise, namely to find a solution with an independent Premier, a man we all are convinced, including the president, that is sufficiently strong and dedicated to the two mainly goals, sufficiently competent to defend them, and in whom we all can put our trust. In this negotiation stage they also rejected such a proposal, deferring the issue to Cotroceni”, explained Crin Antonescu.

He also said that PNL delegation will participate in Cotroceni consultations, will observe the party mandate and will back up the idea according to which a majority is forged by the parliamentary parties. The liberal leader reiterated the two goals PNL has in view, either in a ruling coalition, or in opposition: the good governance in a crisis period and the defence of the rule of law and of the democratic regime.


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