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Antonescu: PNL voters have not authorised us to join gov’t no matter what

National Liberal Party (PNL) leader Crin Antonescu said on Wednesday the Liberal voters had not authorised the party to join the government no matter what the conditions.

‘The only thing dictated by the electorate is that Mr. Traian Basescu is again the president of Romania, even though at a very tight score. Moreover, I told the president that the electorate had not dictated that the PNL should join governance no matter what the conditions /…/ in a power system of the president-Democratic Party type, that has the tendency of a state-party running the risk of slippage from the state of law, (the risk) of a depreciation of the democratic quality in Romania’, Antonescu said after the talks with President Traian Basescu on the formation of a new government.

The president cannot bar us from joining the opposition, nor can he impose us the conditions in which we join the opposition, the Liberal leader said. Antonescu added he could not say now whether he would give a vote of confidence to the future prime minister and to his cabinet. ‘You cannot say it when you do not know who is part of this government, or who is the prime minister. The issue is getting increasingly vague’, he said.
He did not rule out the possibility that the Liberals give their vote for the new cabinet, provided the new government has ‘on paper at least’ a programme the PNL should agree with.


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