Basescu: I hope majority to assume state’s modernization can be formed

President Traian Basescu said in the beginning of the consultations with the delegation of the Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania (UDMR), at the Cotroceni Palace, on Wednesday, that he hopes a parliamentary majority can be reached and it should assume the process of the modernization of the state, a goal that is part of the project he was running with for his second term in office.

‘The objective is a government which I can work with, and which can also take over some of the electoral commitments I made. (…) My basic project is the modernization of the Romanian state and the enactment of the referendum. (…) I nurture hope it can be formed a majority, which can take over my project. (…) and which should also assume this process of the modernization of the state,’ said President Basescu.

Likewise, he said that the second mandate as Romania’s President compels him to ‘neutralize’ himself toward the political parties. ‘I no longer have objectives to be related to the parties, but to the country,’ said Basescu.

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