Basescu: My aim is to have Government by Christmas

President Traian Basescu said on Wednesday, at the beginning of the consultations with the group of the national minorities at the Cotroceni Palace, that his aim was to have a Government before Christmas or by the New Year at the latest.

“The aim is for us to have a Government if possible before Christmas or between Christmas and the New Year at the latest. I hope it will be possible for us to have it before Christmas,” said Basescu.
The Head of State thanked the group of the national minorities for their “balanced” point of view and added that he, as well as their representatives, started from the prerequisite that it was necessary to form a Government.

“Irrespective of what kind of Government we might have had, we would have got the tranche from the Fund [the International Monetary Fund] in December as we have met the requirements for the first three quarters. The budget and the draft law on the fiscal responsibility alone should have been presented. Both of them are finished but a Government was needed that should assume both the budget and the fiscal responsibility law,” said Traian Basescu.

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